​Do you think education shouldn’t be a one-size-fits all model? Do you think that all children want to learn and will if they are provided the right environment? Do you wish schools were genuinely focused on students and families? Maria Montessori thought so too, and her philosophy of education and the methods she designed remain highly respected in the education community and with parents.

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At Mt. Clemens Montessori Academy, we are committed to the faithful implementation of the Montessori Method and have been doing so since 1970. Since becoming a public charter school in 2003, Mt. Clemens Montessori Academy has enjoyed exceptional student achievement, including recognition as a “Reward” school from the State of Michigan. Mt. Clemens Montessori is among the top schools in the State of Michigan and is recognized as one of the best schools in Macomb County.

Mt. Clemens Montessori is located in a charming, clean neighborhood that shares a terrific park with the community. It enjoys a great relationship with the families it serves and a walk through the building displays the joy of learning in student displays of work and in smiling, engaged, happy students.

As a K-5 school, Mt. Clemens Montessori maintains its dedication to the Montessori Method by having a minimum of two adults in every classroom, trained Montessori staff, and materials and resources that align with the mission of Montessori—to never get in the way of children’s natural desire to learn. Teachers are immersed in Montessori training each year and work with one another to focus on the needs of students. By keeping their focus on students, their test scores have risen without focusing on the test or making it the center of their curriculum plans.

New teachers have the benefit of working with teachers and staff who have been with the Academy for many years and know Montessori intimately. MCMA has never felt the pressure to adopt the next educational trend as they have a method that is proven to work for generation after generation of children. Learning doesn’t require a laptop or a smartboard, it requires a caring and committed teacher. 

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